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Untethered’s vision is to help our clients get their design work done, without having to hire extra hands for projects which might require more resources than expected. All our various designers are cross-checked and tested, to ensure our clients get the best possible design.

Untethered delivers tailor-made, affordable packages that suit every client’s budget, whilst ensuring they still obtain the service they need. We offer specialised printing and installation solutions, using the same high quality products that the top print suppliers are utilising, as well as the latest Latex printing from HP. Our key differentiator is that we offer this at a much more cost-effective rate than many of the bigger print houses, while also being able to provide custom solutions to meet your every need.

Untethered can do just about anything with regard to installations in the market. This unique ability is due to us keeping our overhead costs to a minimum, ensuring that our clients obtain the best quality at a much more affordable rate. This does not mean that Untethered cannot keep up with demand; in fact, we have a select specialist production team that collectively brings over 40 years’ experience to the table. This means that we provide exactly what the large print houses offer, but at a more affordable cost to our clients.

We aim to assist our clients in getting through their projects faster and more effectively, and at the best possible price. We pride ourselves on our service capabilities and, thanks to our specialised team, we are able to turn around our clients’ work accurately and timeously.

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