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Lumela (pronounced Dumela) means HELLO in the Sotho language.  The majority of our staff are Sesotho speaking so with our fabulous hand crafted creations, which we want to showcase to the world, we felt that the name Lumela Afrika - essentially Hello from Africa - was a fitting one!

We are best known, locally and abroad, for our African inspired designs, as well as, our custom made ranges that suit our different markets and includes an exclusive range of hand painted enamelware, pure white porcelain enamelware, wooden musical and educational toys as well as a host of other bright fun accessories.  With our unique enamel designs and products we have also ventured into fabulous corporate giftware.

We are proudly South African and export to many countries in Africa, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania. Our overseas exports include UK, Holland, Australia, Mauritius, Canada and Finland.

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