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Our products are suitable for home and businesses: the food industry - catering, coffee shop, restaurant industries; home, décor and gift shops; hardware; toy and baby stores - perfect for the diverse child-care industry, kids cooking schools and playlands - where unbreakable 'crockery' is a must and toys that will brings joy and fulfilment all round! Our baby accessory range has * baby baths & potties * decor stools * chairs * hangers * hooks & suction hooks * storage containers * drawer sets.

We understand the needs of our clients and have centred our supply of items on this – to provide a variety of ranges for all household needs and wants; supply high quality products at cost effective prices; to create a win-win partnership with all our clients. Our ranges span the LSM yardstick for those customers wanting excellent quality products suitable to all pockets and budgets. SIMPLY PUT - our products are PURE INSPIRATION...

Hafre Trading was established in 2006. We supply well-known retail stores, wholesalers and cash & carries. We have a footprint in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwa-zulu Natal, West Coast and Namibia with 2 distribution centres: one in Cape Town and Durban. Our head office is in Cape Town.


We stock HOBBY LIFE, an international brand with FOOD SAFETY ISO certification. This range incl storage containers, kitchenware, bathroom, cleaning and children's products.
The multi-box storage containers are BPA FREE and will not contaminate food stored therein.

HOBBY LIFE with its smart cutting-edge designs are trendy and stylish, colourful and simply stunning adding an extra touch of class to any home and business. HOBBY LIFE products are made of raw, virgin plastic materials and will therefore not harmful to one's health. This popular brand can be found in 65 countries. HOBBY LIFE - different from the rest.

The Sunplast portfolio with its modern, innovative and distinctive products, are well designed - functional and up-to-date with colours ranging from bright to neon. This range includes Kitchenware; a neon collection – perfect for kids cooking schools and daycares, a picnic collection; a Sunday daily use line eg baskets, brushes, hangers etc; the Sunbath: bathroom products and the Sunfix: hook systems. Sunplast has 100% food security certificates, CE, TSE (HACCP) ISO norm licenses. These are high quality yet affordable products. Sunplast is sold in more than 50 countries. SUNPLAST – aesthetic and affordable!


The Titiz Plastik brand is an exceptional, high quality cleaning and kitchen equipment product line ie hand, car, floor and wc brushes, brooms, dustpans, mops, hangers, sucker pumps, buckets, dispensers, window wipers, squeegees, etc. Titiz Products are also ISO accredited and can be found in 35 countries from Europe to Asia, to the Middle East and Africa. TITIZ – UNIQUE IN STYLE WITH ITS SPECIALISED DESIGNS.


Serinova with its high standard of quality plant pots are a must for any nursery, garden centre and plastic wholesaler - and divided into decorative ie balcony, patio, corner, hanging, troughs, square, round, rectangular and more...to production pots eg round, broad-based and deep multi-purpose pots etc. An extensive range for the discerning home gardener to average gardener to growers from basic to classical to the very latest modern designs with bold and fresh new colours. – SERINOVA POTS will enhance any environment both inside and outside of the home. SERINOVA – "the pop-up window to nature".


Pasabahce is our glassware range. Since 1935, it's a leading "value-for-money" brand and offering par excellence glassware to customers from various market segments' to quote Pasabahce directly. This range has glassware from everyday basics to selected lines for special occasions. "Tempered, trendy unique and functional...".  Pasabache addresses the needs of different customer segments ie glasses for all occasions, cups and saucers, storage jars and containers, serving ware, ovenware and vases - ISO accredited. PASABAHCE - Elegant style - premium quality.


Our toy range, well-known international Pilsan brand (ISO certified) is new to the South African market - from indoor to outdoor toys incl educational toys ie various building blocks * ball pools * swings * slides * swing and slide sets * rockers * tables and chairs * playhouses * pedal cars * bicycles * tricycles * scooters * basketballs * battery-powered cars * are just a few to mention! For babies - 6 months to pre-teens. Pilsan's main passion is aiding and improving the mental and physical development of children and believes in customer satisfaction. Our toys will complement all play areas not forgetting kids' birthday party caterers! PILSAN – ITS TIME TO PLAY!

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