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Technilamp is South Africa’s leading supplier of ultraviolet and infrared technology. For the past 37 years, we have been the official distributor of the Philips range of ultraviolet and infrared lamps in South Africa.

More recently we have been appointed the official distributor for Alpha-Cure, Toshiba and Isolde lamps.

Our range of Ultra Violet and Infra Red products is widely used in the healthcare, food processing, restaurant and water sterilisation industries.

We design, manufacture, install, and maintain customised equipment using these high technology lamps. We have our own warehouse to ensure the timely availability of stock. We can deliver ultraviolet and infrared lamps anywhere in South Africa within 24 Hours.

We have a strong association with many local and international organisations and laboratories. We supply and service facilities such as the SA Department of Health, the major mining groups, US Aid and the Netherlands (KNCV) organisation.

Only Technilamp certified personnel are used for installations of fittings thereby ensuring that a high standard of service is maintained. Each fitting is individually numbered and branded to ensure easy identification of individual parts. A Certificate of Compliance is issued for each installation and facility.

Technilamp believes in protecting the environment. We have a comprehensive environmental waste disposal system, including the management and disposal of Mercury, to ensure that it has a minimum effect on the environment. We have an excellent support team consisting of local and international experts to help you with any of your Infrared or Ultra-Violet requirements. All our services are provided with a one-year guarantee. We have a annual maintenance plan to ensure that all our ultraviolet and infrared lamp technologies are functioning at optimal capacities.

  • Infrared Zone heaters for factories, halls, lapas and restaurants
  • Infrared Caribbean Heaters for Lapa’s, restaurants and homes
  • Infrared Stand rentals
  • Infrared Snuggy Footwarmers
  • Sun beds for sun tanning and wellness treatment programmes
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation units for the prevention of the spread of pathogens,such as TB, Swine Flu, Sars, etc.
  • Ultra Violet  Counterfeit Money detectors
  • Ultra-Violet Insect trap machines
  • Infrared and Ultra Violet curing and drying equipment for use in the printing production industry.
  • Ultraviolet Steralisation for food processing used in chimney ducts for cooking fat vapourising and cold rooms
  • Disinfection Systems: UV Surface and water sterilization systems.

We maintain a strong association with many local and international organisations and laboratories including Philips.

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