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Salathiso Eco Hot Box

* the unplugged slow cooker *

Save money! Save energy! Save the environment!

Use the Hot Box to cook delicious and nutritious food.

Perfect for rice, porridge, stews, soups, pulses – and more!

Simply bring the pot to the boil, remove from the heat,
and tuck between two Hot Box cushions.

And an hour or two later – your food is hot and ready to eat! The Many Benefits and Uses of the Hot Box

  1. SAVES ELECTRICITY/PARAFFIN/GAS: soups, stews, samp, rice and pulses that sometimes take a few hours on the stove-top, are just brought to the boil and then “cooked” in the Hot Box.
  2. SAVES TIME: prepare meals in advance, leave them in the Hot Box, and they are fully cooked when you want to eat e.g. “cook” porridge overnight; prepare supper before you go to work and let it “cook” all day.
  3. SAVES MONEY: if you use your Hot Box just 2 to 3 times a week you can save up to R50 to R80 per week.
  4. SAFETY: there is no flame, gas or paraffin to cause fires.
  5. SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT: the Hot Box uses nothing that harms the environment; the polystyrene is also recycled.
  6. BETTER NUTRITION: “cooking” in the Hot Box does not boil away all the goodness and nutrition – everything “cooks” in its own juices and liquid.
  7. TENDER, SOFT MEAT: meat “cooked” in the Hot Box just melts in the mouth and falls off the bones.
  8. KEEP WATER HOT: store hot water overnight, ready to use in the morning for washing.
  9. KEEP FOOD WARM: use the Hot Box as a warming drawer.
  10. KEEP FOOD COOL: in summer, use the Hot Box as a cooler box.
  11. NO MORE burnt pots.
  12. NO MORE burnt food.
  13. PERFECT for camping!
  14. Can even be used to make yoghurts and bread.

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