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Gaby Lerana Interiors 

Each of my designs is rendered to harmonize my clients’ needs and visions in order to give them the prominence that they so richly deserve. My personal hands-on approach is what sets my company apart, and that is reflected in my portfolio of designs for hotels, casinos, states residences, high rise developments, and upmarket residential homes.

My inimitable passion has taken my company far across oceans and all the corners of the African continent, simply because I believe the difference is in the detail that I offer to each and every one of my highly valued clients, regardless of the dimensions of my projects.

Our Services...

  • Design of luxurious and stylish interiors for private residences. 
  • Commercial interiors including hotels, casinos and restaurant design
  • Model Merchandising
  • Creation of artworks and ornaments
  • Interior detail including in-depth millwork and built-in designs
  • Space planning, room layouts and creative redlining
  • Consulting
  • Colour makeovers
  • Design, sourcing  and procurement

My greatest endeavour with each project is that I listen carefully to your every wish; I work side by side to assist you with the selection of motifs, colours, fabrics, furnishing, and accessories to compliment and enhance your exclusively designed new lifestyle.

Our Promise...

After a detailed profile analysis, I will create a space that reflects your desires and wishes, your spirit and vision.

Through my 25 years of experience in my industry, and with the comprehensive  global database of high-end design manufacturers that I have meticulously build relations with over all these years, I am able to give you a lifetime value through your interior and my never ending service to you. 

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