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Looking for take-away food packaging that’s healthy for people and the planet? Welcome to GREEN HOME! As SA’s leading distributor of Earth-friendly food packaging we supply attractive, natural and sustainable food service solutions.

Our comprehensive range includes coffee cups & lids, cold drink cups, straws, a variety of take-away boxes and clamshells, plates, bowls, cutlery, bags, deli wraps and much more..!

Why are GREEN HOME biodegradable solutions a great sustainable choice?

  • All our products are made from renewable and 100% biodegradable plant-based materials. For example:
    • Our coffee cups are made from FSC certified paper and lined with a thin layer of compostable plant starch to make them watertight 
    • Our take-away containers are made from high quality sugarcane fibre
    • Our smoothie cups are made from plant starch
  • Our low-impact packaging helps food service professionals set themselves apart as planet friendly, while lowering their carbon footprint. 
  • Our products can be composted after use - leaving no waste. So they won't outlive the people who use them.
  • Earth-friendly packaging is sexier. Our natural products look attractive and are a pleasure to touch, hold and use. 

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