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COCO-MAT manufacturer of handcrafted beds made from 100% natural materials.

Sustainability and the protection of the environment are part of COCO-MAT’s policy and belief system. Putting this philosophy into practice every day by respecting the customer and the environment is a pillar of COCO-MAT’s philosophy.  The exclusive use of natural raw materials in manufacturing provides high-quality products to our customers and creates COCO-MAT’s competitive advantage.

Customer satisfaction is the guide and motivation for COCO-MAT, for this reason products and services are designed based on the customers’ needs and expectations.

“Every step we take at COCO-MAT is helping us achieve our greater goal: peaceful and relaxing sleep. To make our vision possible by simply making the world’s greatest sleep products is not enough. We need to go to bed with a clear conscience too. That’s why we always try, in any way we can, to contribute to society, to protect the environment, to raise environmental awareness, to promote sustainable development, and to support personal growth for our employees.”

COCO-MAT believes that nature cannot be corrected and that it makes sense to take advantage of what is naturally provided.

Instead of using artificial substitutes, the company relies on what Mother Nature has given, discovering the perfection of her design and the blessings of her bounty in people’s daily lives.

This principle springs from the deeply felt conviction that the ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastos was right when he said “if there is a purpose in nature, it is not to serve mankind, but to ensure the perpetual reproduction of all.”.

COCO-MAT avoids chemicals in the treatment of its products. Whenever materials are not used in their natural state and colour, only ecological, non-toxic, non-aggressive dyes are used so employees do not have to wear masks during the manufacturing of products. 

In furniture COCO-MAT prefers to maintain the natural colour and state of the wood - any dissimilarities or colour variations are signs of the originality of the material. For the maintenance of these products oil and wax are used exclusively.

Product Packaging, Transportation and Waste Management

With a 96% recycling rate, COCO-MAT sets an example for ‘green’ manufacturing and tries to pass its philosophy on to customers as well. The company tries to minimize the use of plastic wrap and any non-recyclable material; therefore, COCO-MAT mattresses are packaged and transported in specially made cotton cases and furniture in recyclable carton boxes. After the product has been delivered, packaging is removed and taken by the staff in order to be returned to the factory and recycled.

COCO-MAT was the first company in Greece to introduce fabric bags in the stores instead of plastic bags for the packaging and carrying of smaller products. Available in various sizes and colors, these bags are highly embraced by customers, as they are very practical for everyday use.

A common vision in the company is for all road transportation to be able to be performed by bicycle! This vision is constantly encouraged, not only by the company founders and employees, but also by many customers who visit the stores on their bike.

During 2012 the company launched an exclusive version of COCO-MAT bikes and has been selling them to all stores worldwide for more than a year. In 2015 a brand new wooden bike designed and manufactured by COCO-MAT has become a best seller and a daily habit for employees and customers.

“Nothing goes to waste; anything we produce completes a full life cycle.”

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