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carbonTRACK®  is a smart energy management device that is installed in your home or business, allowing you to take advantage of direct savings by better monitoring and controlling your…

Ergo Systems

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Ergosystem, is a multifaceted, creative and innovative solutions driven company operating in the commercial, hospitality, retail and domestic interiors markets. Ergosystem and its subsidiary…

Evening Breeze Air Conditioned Canopy Bed

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Your guests’ sleep and comfort is of paramount importance to your continued success. We at Evening Breeze take this very seriously and provide a unique climate system which ensures the guests…

Green Fire Eco-Firelighters

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Green Fire Eco Firelighters The unique properties of our green firelighter is lack of odour, non toxic, being readily biodegradable are sought after for environmentally conscious people. We…


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Greenlight Solar is a specialist Energy and Water Savings company that was started in 2016 to help business and homes reduce energy and water costs.  Our energy and water saving products are…

PowerPlastics Pool Covers

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At PowerPlastics Pool Covers we don't just sell pool covers, we sell responsible lifestyle choices. Hospitality establishments with child-safe and environmentally-friendly pools are…