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Ergosystem, is a multifaceted, creative and innovative solutions driven company operating in the commercial, hospitality, retail and domestic interiors markets.

Ergosystem and its subsidiary companies, Translucent and Acoustic are all walling solutions companies. Together or in isolation, they are able to transform ordinary or proposed walls, dividers, screens into practical solutions that are clad decoratively, walls that are demountable, single-sided, double-sided, illuminated or not, walls that are transparent or opaque, walls that are static or stack away or even walls that offer acoustic properties in the form of absorptive, refractive or transmission qualities.

After seven years of success in Europe, the most economical and ecological walling and partitioning system is now finally manufactured in South Africa! Mofex is installed seven times faster than any other system which makes hospitality retrofitting and refurbishing of rooms and public spaces, easily achievable and cost-effective.

To create stylish and affordable functional walls within minutes to adapt to individual needs and decor requirements has never been so easy. What makes Mofex such a fantastic option is that the basic structure can be used repetitively to create decorative or functional solutions to any room, offering a precise customisable component clip-on system that is manufactured off-site, with quick and easy installation.

Hotel rooms often become impossible to rent out due to broken fixtures, resulting in a loss of income. With an almost unlimited range of accessories such as pedestals, television screens, headboards, tables and seating which simply clip onto the Mofex system, it is possible to simply remove the broken item by clipping it off to be repaired and be replaced by another item within minutes without closing that room.

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