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Your guests’ sleep and comfort is of paramount importance to your continued success. We at Evening Breeze take this very seriously and provide a unique climate system which ensures the guests enjoy their sleep.

The Evening Breeze provides a comfortably cool sleeping environment, but without the typical air conditioning discomforts like noise, draft, coughing and sneezing, let alone the excessive energy use.

Thanks to the 60-80% energy saving, you cut costs radically and reduce your CO2 footprint accordingly.

And best of all... Sleepers just love it!

Evening Breeze has helped resorts from Antigua to Kenya and from the Maldives to Bali in supplying wonderful sleeping experiences to guests and reducing energy doing so.

Drop us a line and we will send you African client cases.

Just to name a few… A solar powered luxury resort in the Majete Reserve, Malawi has beautiful Evening Breezes installed. A barefoot luxury retreat up north in Mozambique sleeps their guests in Evening Breeze and managed to save tons on their energy supply infrastructure.

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