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Reasonably Priced, High Performance, Eco-friendly Cleaning Products.

By constantly sanitising and disinfecting, we inadvertently create a food source for pathogen regrowth in a now unchallenged environment where they grow back faster than before. With biotechnology, good bacteria rapidly search for food and space, and quickly starve the pathogens of their food source – this is known as competitive exclusion. The pathogens die and cannot build up immunity to this process. Biotechnology keeps working for hours or days after application ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment. Efficacy improves with continued use.

Our COVID-19 Essentials include: 50 Gobbler™ cleaner and sanitiser; Virus Gobbler™ disinfectant; Probiotic hand & body wash; Viru-Guard 80 hand sanitiser.

Yemvelo Hygiene distributes bio-enzyme and eco-friendly cleaning agents. Yemvelo means 'of nature' in isiZulu. We strive to ensure that all our products meet strict eco-friendly criteria, while obtaining superior performance results.

What are Bio-enzymatic Cleaners?

Bio-enzymatic cleaners are cleaning products that use non-pathogenic, “good” bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and malodours. The bacteria do this by producing enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules (wastes/soils) into smaller pieces.

Enzymes operate as helpful tools that catalyse chemical reactions between bacteria and soils, making the bacteria more efficient. Enzymes work to break down complex waste particles into smaller pieces that bacteria can more easily consume. These smaller particles – organic wastes, urine, grease, stains – become “food” for bacteria to digest and break down into two basic compounds – carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Industry Sectors

Yemvelo Hygiene stocks specialised cleaning agents for use across various industry sectors, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Catering / Food Preparation
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial and Industrial Cleaning
  • Household Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Waste Management

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