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Kobus Wiese, founder and creator of Wiesenhof Coffees was born with the passion to achieve his goals and transform his ambitious dreams into reality. Wiesenhof Coffees is the fulfilment of these dreams! Conceived in 1996 by Kobus and Belinda Wiese, the Wiesenhof brand, reputation and unique offering continues to grow and flourish. 

With this growth, quality has not been compromised for size, and Wiesenhof remains a truly gourmet roaster, led by people who naturally thrive in this industry. Being owner managed with a combined 26 years experience in the coffee industry, the family understands the unique requirements of the South African user profile. They have strategically aligned themselves with product suppliers, coffee estates, equipment manufacturers and technically skilled people who are adaptable in their approach whilst maintaining world class standards and offering an affordable, consistently superior product.

Wiesenhof Coffee Roastery is the proud roaster and supplier of all coffee products and coffee equipment used within the Wiesenhof franchise and Dulce Café coffee shops. In addition to our franchise coffee shops, we are a proud supplier of coffee and coffee related products to numerous households, small coffee shops, corporate offices, retail outlets and large corporate organisations.

Why deal with us:

  • Quality products
  • Technically talented and skilled after sales service and backup
  • Ability to facilitate customer specific requirements
  • Dealing with a smaller owner run / managed / caring company
  • Flexibility
  • Small enough to be focused on service delivery (customer centric)
  • Reliable, trained production, sales and technical staff with the ability to grow (adapt) at short notice to any customer’s requirements.
  • We only roast and blend top quality Arabica coffee beans


  • Glass Ware
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Coffee Machines
  • Coffee Equipment & Accessories
  • Coffee (Beans, Filter, Plunger, Retail Range, Freeze Dried & Agglomerated Coffees)
  • Coffee Vending Machine Products
  • Tea
  • Water
  • Hot Beverages
  • Biscuits
  • Wedgewood Nougat Products
  • Sugar & Sweetener
  • Liquid Concepts
  • Creamer and Milk Pod’s
  • Take Away Cups & Lids
  • Hospitality Beverage Boxes (Customisable)

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  • Outside South Africa


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