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Unsightly ashtrays as well as unpleasant cigarette odours have resulted in poor company image in places such as entrances, balconies, car parks and garden beds.

Smart Ash has a solution...

A serviced and sanitized ashtray:

  • Fully outsourced - The Smart Ash bins are serviced and maintained at 7 to 28 day intervals.
  • A variety of Smart Ash bins are available to suit your corporate image and environment.
  • Provides an ideal opportunity to encourage environmentally friendly policies and attitudes.
  • The Smart Ash bin is designed to contain the cigarette butts and at the same time sanitizing the air by releasing a pleasant fragrance
  • No mess. No fuss.

An ideal Advertising opportunity:

  • High visibility locations, which ensures maximum exposure
  • Dual advertising spaces, to provide maximum exposure.
  • Striking and unmistakable appearance.
  • Cost efficient and effective.

Ideal for:

  • Hotels & Guesthouses
  • Convention Centres
  • Corporate offices and parks
  • Dealerships
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centres etc

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  • Gauteng
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Western Cape


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  • Telephone: 021 559 1011
  • Cell: 082 870 9652
  • Website: Website
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