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Eco Fry unit will reduce your cooking oil consumption without compromising the quality of your food and will reduce the impact your old used cooking oil is having on our environment.

Eco Fry unit is a catalytic device, designed to function as a cooking oil conditioner and management process. This unit enables the user to uphold our “Living Green” ethos by oil to consistently produce quality foods for a longer period of time, in other words, it extends the life of the oil.

Eco Fry enhances the oil’s heat conductivity, allowing faster cooking times at lower temperatures.

Eco Fry has been developed and tested in South Africa using a combination of catalysts to achieve the same results as similar products used extensively in Japan and the USA.

Our unit is not a filtration unit, additive nor a chemical, it simply decelerates or reduces the breakdown of oil at a molecular level. This unit will however complement any filtration system.

Manufactured from food grade ceramic pellets containing various natural earth minerals among its components, our products conform to health standards as laid down by the EU and USA FDA.


  • SAVE on oil usage
  • SAVE on electricity consumption


  • Oil stays fresher for up to 3 times longer as it keeps oil clean and free from impurities reducing the build-up of bad flavors, odors and undesirable coloring.
  • Reduces calories by up to 30% by inhibiting the absorption of oil.
  • Cooking temperatures are reduced by 5% as heat efficiency and heat conduction is improved.
  • Improves cooking times which is reduced by up to 20%.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption and costs due to reduced heat and cooking times.
  • Food tastes better, texture is lighter, crispier and less greasy.
  • The use of ionized compounds assists in eliminating food smells.
  • No chemicals or additives are used making it safe and Non-Toxic.
  • Easy to clean by simply placing in a Dishwasher or placing the unit under hot running water daily and boiling the unit in water weekly.

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