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Manufacturers of world class, preservative-free pesto sauces, pastes and soups. Innovators in the dip, rub, marinade and salad dressing categories.

At Pesto Princess Foods, our 40-strong team is dedicated to producing world class pesto sauces, pastes and soups using only natural ingredients and an environmental consciousness. Our products are robust, flavour-packed, wholesome and preservative-free to inspire, quick, easy, healthy meals guaranteed to have your customers coming back for more.

The Pesto Princess Promise

  • To exceed all expectations in terms of flavour delivery and freshness - a concentrated flavour punch, as if you had made it yourself.
  • To innovate on behalf of you, our customer, in the sauce, dip, rub, marinade and salad dressing categories.
  • To partner with local suppliers and sustainable farmers who consider their impact on the environment.
  • To remain HACCP compliant and food safety certified
  • To maintain our B-BBEE certification
  • To supply our products nationally, throughout South Africa.

The Pesto Princess Range

  • Basil Pesto (Halaal certified)
  • Thai Pesto (Halaal certified)
  • Rocket Pesto (Halaal certified)
  • Greek Pesto (Halaal and Kosher (Milchik) certified)
  • Basil and Lemon Pesto (Halaal and Kosher (Parev) certified)
  • Coriander and Chilli Pesto (Halaal and Kosher (Parev) certified)
  • Red Pesto (Halaal and Kosher (Parev) certified)
  • Harissa Paste (Halaal certified)
  • Chermoula Paste (Halaal certified)
  • Chimichurri Sauce (Halaal certified)

* Available in plastic tubs of 500g, 1kg and 5kg. Keep frozen <-18°C.    Frozen shelf life - 90 days from date of manufacture, indicated by use-by date.

Pesto Princess Recipe Inspiration:

We live and breathe our products. When we are not cooking with them, we’re dreaming about them. We’re always coming up with new ways to use them, so head to our Royal Recipes for menu inspiration.

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