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Kärcher can supply cleaning equipment in South Africa that will remove almost any kind of dirt or stain. In fact, we offer the optimum solution to every cleaning job at affordable prices. We cater for both commercial and industrial. Our range includes:

Vac Air / Kärcher / Sibilia / Steam Cleaners / Vacuum Cleaners / Hot & Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners / Specialist Equipment / Stationary Inplant Systems / Brushware / Floorcare / Mopping Equipment / Janitorial Equipment / Washroom Hygiene / Car Wash Equipment / Carwash Systems /

Whether for outdoor, industrial or business use, Kärcher South Africa has a world-class solution to your cleaning problems - Floor care, high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carwash equipment.

Kärcher products can turn laborious tasks into a pleasure. With steam vacuums that handle wet and dry vacuum cleaning all in one, water filter vacuums that trap dirt particles, and cleaners that can clean even when you're not around, it comes as no surprise that Kärcher was voted top distributor in 2008.

Kärcher has capitalised on the improvements in vac air technology, giving you a range of products to choose from. But how can you be sure that you're choosing the right piece of equipment for your needs?

NUMATIC - a trusted range of Vacuum Cleaners
Numatic provides a wide range of Industrial Cleaning Equipment, from Mopping Units to Vacuum Cleaners, Single Disc Rotary Scrubbing and Polishing Machines plus Combination Maintenance Machines. The machines are manufactured to the highest of British Standards and comply with our own SABS standards.
In the manufacture of their equipment, Numatic use a material called Structafoam, unique to Numatic and yet unsurpassed in terms of quality and durability. Structafoam is tough, durable and totally corrosion resistant, with superb noise reduction characteristics.

With more and more dangerous pathogens and life threatening microbes exhibiting a frightening trend of resistance to chemicals, UK-based manufacturer of decontamination equipment, Osprey Deep Clean, has come up with the answer - dry steam vapour.
Our latest steam technology uses very little water and no harsh chemicals, so providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

From toilet brushes to hand scrub brushes to bottle & wall washing brushes and squeegees, we have them all.

STEAM CLEANING for the catering and food retailing industry

HIGHEST CLEANING STANDARDS - Today's hectic catering and food retailing environments face the continual challenge of maintaining the highest cleaning standards at the lowest cost. Public and Government pressures, widely publicised by the Media, bring the whole topic of food safety sharply into focus.

HYGIENE SYSTEMS - ITS and OspreyDeepClean hygiene systems exceed all regulatory food hygiene requirements, enhancing the professionals' own HACCP schemes. There is no safer or more cost-effective way to ensure that hygienic cleaning methods are being fully optimised than by the introduction of dry-steam cleaning techniques.

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