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IFCA hWare (Pty) Ltd / Mimio & TOTalizer: Software solutions for Resort, Club and Hotel Management.

IFCA's hotel management information system caters for the total needs of a hotel operation. It covers full integration from:
  • sales and marketing
  • front office activities
  • food and beverage management (point-of-sale, menu, banqueting, purchasing, inventory)
  • PABX and electronic key lock interfaces
  • seamless integration to its back-end financial accounting and reporting functions

The hospitality industry comprises various facilities and services for tourists and travellers who demand the highest standard of customer service. Hotel management meets the demands across all areas of the hospitality industry. It integrates your hotel operation with a single system. Although fully integrated in its design, the system can be used as stand-alone modules and can expand in stages to meet your specific requirements. This fully integrated system supports the following main activities:
  • sales and marketing
  • reservations
  • front desk
  • cashiering
  • room management and housekeeping
  • facility management
  • night auditing
  • rate/yield management
  • guest history
  • travel agent accounting
  • ownership accounting
  • maintenance management
  • financial accounting

Hotel management provides for a full suite of hotel functions and is designed to integrate to any F&B System, POS System, Club and Tenancy Management System. The TOTalizer is a stock taking tool which takes stock of almost any item such as foodstuff, cigarettes, cutlery, drinks and many more. The TOTalizer is available in three different units, the standard unit which quickly and accurately takes stock of all beverages sold by tot or portion. The professional unit takes stock of almost any item whereas the industrial unit is designed to work in harsh environments. The TOTalizer interfaces with the inventory control module of most of the popular point of sales software programs, thereby dramatically and accurately speeding up the stock taking requirements and processes.

The TOTalizer - STANDARD features:
  • quickly and accurately takes stock of all beverage items sold by TOT or portion such as spirits and wines
  • itemised stock capability of up to 400 items
  • stock management software included
  • stock-take data stored in on board non-volatile flash memory
  • portable, battery operated (8 hour, re-chargeable)
  • COM port for direct connection and upload of stock take data to PC
  • Spreadsheet interface
  • scanner included

OPTIONAL: easyPrint-B battery operated thermal printer

The TOTalizer - PROFESSIONAL features:
  • take stock of almost any item, including such items as foodstuff, cigarettes, cutlery, drinks and anything else you can think of
  • large database capable of managing over 8000 stock items
  • interface to most popular point of sale programs, thereby even further reducing the stock take process
  • high performance scanner included
  • battery operated with 16 hour continuous duty re-chargeable battery

OPTIONAL: Bluetooth, external high capacity weighing platform, external public display, easyPrint thermal slip printer

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