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Gasket & Shim Industries was founded in January 1995 in Cape Town, and serving a diverse range of industries from steel fabricators to biodiesel manufacturers, bottling plants, boat builders, aquaculture farmers, waste water management companies and more; GSI  have more than a decade of design and supply experience in their field.

We have grown, considerably and continue to innovate and refine our processes and productivity year on year. We have won numerous awards, conform to ISO 9000 and US FDA standards and ship to clients all over the world. We aim to be the biggest supplier of soft-cut components in South Africa.

For the hospitality industry we are now promoting our Anti-Fatigue-Mats. Insulation and cushioning underfoot are vital to prevent the fatigue, strain, injury and subsequent absenteeism and downtime that cashiers, factory workers or anyone standing on their feet all day is likely to suffer. Anti-fatigue mats are the answer. Material is available in different thicknesses and can be laid over large areas, cut to size or fitted with interlocking blocks.

ANTI-FATIGUE MATS for Hotels - Dry Areas

Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for use at check-in counters, bellboy stands, valet booths, mail rooms, laundries, and lifts. Your staff will enjoy standing at their workstations on the soft mats which provide excellent insulation and a high comfort level for those on their feet all day. Reduced fatigue and better concentration and reduction in chronic 'standing injuries' are what you can expect when you install our Pro-Mat Anti-Fatigue Mats.

Our non-slip, anti-fatigue mats come in many thicknesses and finishes (grooved or with holes for drainage), can be cut to any size, and installed in a flash. They are durable and designed to handle heavy factory-type traffic... so hotels will get many years of good use from this investment.

ANTI-FATIGUE MATS for Hotels - Wet Areas

The need for anti-fatigue mats used in wet areas of hotels can be found in restaurant bars, dish wash stations, in front of sinks, and standing areas around pools or gyms.  Fatigue matting used in wet areas should have safety AND comfort as an objective.  

Low-profile rubber kitchen mats are ideal for walk-in refrigerators and freezers, allowing for rolling carts and minimizing tripping and slipping hazards due to thick mats or freezing water. Runner kitchen mats and large kitchen mats provide a safe walking surface for food prep areas where high levels of foot traffic and rolling carts are a concern. When you place interlocking kitchen matting behind bars and in cooking areas, you’ll provide comfort for your staff who are on their feet for long shifts on cold floors. They will be more focused and productive and suffer fewer 'standing injuries' and colds.

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