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ENJO is the world leader in chemical free cleaning technology, now available in South Africa! ENJO cleans 6x more effective than any other cleaning method or innovation, and only uses water to clean. That means:

  • No (or very limited) need for detergents,
  • No chemicals,
  • No plastic bottles,
  • No waste!

How does ENJO work?

ENJO uses patented fiber technology that is finer and more denser than normal microfibres called ENJOtex. ENJOtex are specially manufactured to trap bacteria, oily grime, grease, dirt, dust and water, and release these trapped particles easily and gently when rinsed with warm water. This means that our fibres do not transfer any bacteria from one surface to the next, and neither does it become stained!

Conventional cleaners, such as any chemical, detergent or cleaner, as well as other technology such as enzymes and even vinegar remains behind on the surface that was cleaned and forms a residue, as nothing removes the substance effectively. That is because the cloths being used does a poor job, and is the weakest link, even with the best detergent. Those substances therefore build up over time, and becomes breeding grounds for further growth of bacteria within 6 hours. That is why these substances cannot be used in isolation when sterilising surfaces. This is where ENJO is 6x more effective, as it physically removes 99.9% of bacteria and even residue left from previous cleaners, reducing the available "food" for new bacteria. It therefore does not kill germs, and this is a further eco-friendly benefit of ENJO.

ENJO generally results in 40% to 50% savings in cleaning expenses within commercial and home environments, and has a one year guarantee for commercial use, and two year guarantee for domestic use.

Multidimensional Environmental and Economical benefits of ENJO:

  • Indoors: Reduction in chemical toxins indoors by 70% to 90%
  • Outdoors: Zero landfill consequences - no waste
  • Water: Zero polution to water, 50% reduction in water use
  • Productivity: Improves cleaners productivity by upto 50%
  • Effectivity: Cleans 6x better than any other cleaner
  • Financial: Saves between 40% to 50% in cleaning expenses
  • On Duty Hazards: Zero hazard to cleaning staff
  • Ergonimic: Cleaning technology is the most ergonomically designed technology
  • Durability: Top quality.

Academic research studies are available from two different international universities that provides empirical results that ENJO cleans 6x more effective than any other cleaning method.

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