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Ultra luxurious, top end and exclusive pure flax linen products from Europe, manufactured to exacting standards to meet the expectations of discerning users - refined, timeless, beautiful and natural.

Pure linen that will last for generations and improve with age; linen your children's children can inherit.

From all known yarns, linen creates the best microclimate for the human skin. Linen regained its earlier popularity in the XXI century when it was realized that the use of linen helped to cure many diseases including leprosy. Linen has a low absorption rate of static electricity and more importantly is not a source of it.

This is of great importance for people sensitive to synthetic fibres for whom the presence of electric charges is undesirable. Cool in summer warm in winter.

Among natural fibres, linen has the best resistance to friction and tension (three times more than cotton).

Linen is strong, its colours are stay fast even at high temperatures and can be manufactured so as to have excellent dimensional stability (i.e.: does not shrink). Linen is completely biodegradable and during its processing leaves no waste materials. Properly calibrated linen does not contain heavy metals or unwholesome substances which are of great importance for our environment.

  • High class finishing.
  • Quality control at each stage.
  • New designs and colours each season.
These 100% linen sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, throws, duvets, blankets and table linen will be found in top lodges and luxury boutique hotels. Delight your distinguished guests with top quality bedding.

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