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At PowerPlastics Pool Covers we don't just sell pool covers, we sell responsible lifestyle choices.

Hospitality establishments with child-safe and environmentally-friendly pools are definitely favoured - a trend underpinned by the global need to adopt new and sustainable behaviours. As such, there has been an increase in awareness around the many benefits of pool covers and their ability to bring the pool in line with green habits. Child safety is another critical issue for which we have developed unique pool covers, also offering environmental and maintenance-related benefits.

Aesthetics are equally important as functionality, especially in the hospitality sector. Our range of pool covers can be accessorised with stylish roll up stations, and top-of-range solar slatted covers to complements the establishments style while also offering excellent functionality.  As such, we continue to build on our excellent relationships within the design and architecture sector.

Be it a safety cover to reduce risk of child drownings, a thermal cover for extended swimming seasons, an energy- and water-wise cover to reduce electricity bills and carbon footprints or a chic automated system for a designer finish that enhances the overall setting - our pool covers change lives on many levels.

An overview of our best-selling pool covers for the hospitality market and general sustainable lifestyles:

  • EnergyGuard - an eco-wise cover that reduces filtration times by 50% while also heating the water naturally by up to 7 degrees Celsius. Also reduces chemical input and is an excellent way to close a pool in cooler months. This is a must have for those with an environmental angle to the overall ethos of the hospitality establishment.
  • Sol+Guard - a thermal cover to warm water naturally by 6-8 degrees and extend swimming seasons. Good where water temperature increases are important for international guests and maximium heat is required.
  • Thermal GeoBubble – a high performance cover using the unique GeoBubble material, offering excellent savings on water, power and chemicals as well as boosting water temperatures naturally. A good cover choice for larger pools, gyms and indoor pools.
  • The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover - a child proof barrier to prevent drownings. No fiddly hooks and eyelet fastenings, ours is the easiest to use and most effective solid safety solution on the market. Can be accessorised with an automated Rollup Station to aid use of the cover. A must have for every establishment with open water where children under 12 are at risk. The cover provides 100% safety and peace of mind.
  • Energy-saving Safety Cover – similar to our standard safety cover but with a black underside to block light entry. Use this option to prevent algae growth and halve filtration times at the same time as securing the pool for children.
  • Solar-powered Slatted Cover – a sleek, fully automatic slatted cover operated by solar energy alone. This is an excellent choice when in-ground automatic covers are not feasible. 
  • Roldeck - the Rolls Royce of covers - fully automatic, sleek and modern. Good looks aside, it offers many of the practical benefits of our other covers.

Furthermore, all our pool covers instantly curb evaporation by over 98% - a significant water saving for pools in water restricted areas.  All pool covers retain heat and all pool covers save on chemicals.

PowerPlastics Pool Covers has been supplying pool covers for over 50 years, always striving to first understand the customer’s needs before creating the perfect cover. This, combined with our manufacturing skills and customer focused outlook, has earned us our solid reputation as the leader in pool covers. We supply our products across South Africa and the region with installers, resellers and branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Cape Town, Vereeniging, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg and Durban. We are also in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Namibia.

We are suppliers to responsible Hotels, Lodges, B & Bs, Spas and home owners around Southern Africa. Installations in the hospitality industry include Michelangelo, 12 Apostles, Lord Charles and Arabella.

Commercial installations include Virgin Active, Wits University, Auckland Park Preparatory School, Crawford College, The Diocesan School for Girls (Grahamstown), Sans Souci Girls, Bishops Preparatory School and Paul Roos High School. 

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