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Earth Kind is a company with a strong commitment to the environment. Our products are revolutionary, that it answers the need for safer, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use products. With the use of our products, your working environment will be bacteria free and cleaner. In addition, our products help to increase overall staff efficiency, reduce costly maintenance and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and special handling procedures.

Earth Kind offers a comprehensive range of alternative systems specifically designed for cost effectiveness.


  • GREASE GO - A general cleaner and degreaser for the Food, Hospitality and Institutional cleaning industry
  • AQUASAN - A Q.A.C. based disinfectant for the food and agricultural industry
  • ENVIROFRESH - An enzymatic based digester of organic matter
  • NATURAL DISHWASH - A neutral detergent for manual dishwashing (available in fragrance free and grapefruit)
  • DEOCID - Concentrated Restroom & General Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant
  • NATURAL BATHROOM CLEANER - A concentrated cleaner and deodorizer
  • NATURAL HANDSOAP - A fragranced organic handsoap/showergel
  • AIR FRESHENER - A ready-to-use air and fabric freshener
  • LAVENDER SCRUB - An abrasive, non-ammoniated cream hard surface cleaner
  • NATURAL ALL PURPOSE CLEANER - A neutral detergent for general cleaning
  • WINDOW CLEANER - A ready-to-use window cleaner with anti-streak properties
  • O2 WASHING POWDER - An Environmentally Friendly Washing Powder
  • O2 BLEACH - A non-chlorine bleach for stain removal and disinfecting
  • PRE-LEASE - A non-chlorine bleach for stain removal and disinfecting
  • SLES FREE - Body care range 

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