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carbonTRACK®  is a smart energy management device that is installed in your home or business, allowing you to take advantage of direct savings by better monitoring and controlling your household energy usage. This control signifies the beginning of the Internet of Things and opens up a wealth of connectivity-enabled possibilities. The device is also also capable of real-time monitoring and switching. End-users and service providers will have real-time access to various data parameters which are continuously measured and monitored; these include power used or generated, tank temperature and time usage settings. carbonTRACK® also has the option of flood alert sensory and leak detection functionality, this can assist in preventing collateral damage in the event of geyser failure. An alert can be to service providers about the geyser failure, providing the householder with peace of mind. carbonTRACK®, with its remote sensing capabilities, can signal service providers if certain critical parameters are being achieve. With carbonTRACK®’s remote alert functionality, end-users will know immediately if water is collecting in their geyser’s drip tray signaling geyser leakage. This real-time alert can assist in avoiding collateral damage from a damaged or leaking geyser.

carbonTRACK® measures power use in specific devices and communicates the data wirelessly via a mobile network. carbonTRACK®:

  • turns off loads and activates them efficiently
  • records power usage
  • takes load off the grid; reduced peak demand reduces infrastructure investment cost and carbon emissions
  • manages solar thermal units for maximum efficiency
  • tracks PV generated energy

With carbonTRACK® you will be able to:

  • lower your energy bills by 22%-30%!
  • compare you energy usage to your family, friends and even the rest of South Africa
  • receive personal insights into your energy information in the palm of your hand

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