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Company profile

ZERHO are suppliers of a waterless toilet, ideal for use in areas where sanitation services are not available.

Social development objectives

The provision of a safe, sealed and cost-effective waterless toilet (that is appropriate to the project conditions) which is easily accessible to a household; instilling the sustainable use and maintenance of the product by householder-users, including the regular removal of dry waste; and creating awareness of the full-cycle benefication of this (waste) as a resource for Food Security.

Company social initiatives and drivers

For us at Zerho, serving the client-users’ requirement, is key. Hence, when a project calls for sanitation where more than ten people a day use a facility, i.e. schools and hospitals; we would collaborate with companies whose product would best serve the specific requirement.

In the South African environment, Rudimentary Sanitation (rented and serviced free-standing public bucket toilets) is most often the norm in peri-urban residential areas. Replacing the rudimentary- with waterless sanitation is the quantum leap towards delivery of acceptable sanitation into each home.

Sanitation, Water Safety and Food Security are given specific attention in all projects – integrated as these are.

Vision/steps to achieve targets

Our primary objective with the Zerho Toilet is getting safe, sealed sanitation into the homes of people that need it – firstly in South Africa, SADC; and then also all over the world.

To this end, collaboration with Organisations already active in a community, is important. The operational rollout of Zerho Toilets, we believe, is best served in cooperative communities. The small installation in Phumzela Park, east of Pretoria is an example of what is possible.

Although “informal” communities and low-cost housing is an obvious target audience; the Zerho is an appropriate product anywhere where water-for-flush is not an option any longer. Cape Town being top of mind right now.

BEE status

Zerho (Pty) Ltd is an entrepreneurial business who designed and markets the Zerho Waterless Toilet; hence we do not have the capacity for BEE appointments. However, our manufacturers are all fully BEE registered and compliant

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