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With concerns about water security, quality and costs becoming more of an issue in South Africa, Water Conservation Systems SA (Watercon) has introduced new products to the market that not only make your rainwater safer but reduce your reliance on municipal water and save you money.

Our product list include:
1. Superhead Rainwater Tank Filter
2. Red Water Diverter (Award winning)
3. GFlow Grey Water System (Award winning)
4. Gutter Mesh
5. Collapsible Rainwater Tank
6. Rain Water Diverter

The GFlow grey water system will be in South Africa January 2013. The G-Flow Grey water systems are affordable, award winning, state of the art, robust and reliable.

Winner of various international awards and “Most Innovative Product Award” at The Green Expo in Sandton 2012. We are proud to announce that Water Conservation systems won an award for “The Most Innovative Stand” at the Green Expo in Sandton 2012.

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