Swig (Spring Water in Glass)

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SWIG spring mineral water is pure, soft and refreshing, just as nature intended it to be.

Swig bottles are packaged only in cardboard boxes and all our bottle closures are made from aluminium.

Still Swig Water is defined by dark blue and silver logos and the Sparkling is defined by white and silver logos.

All bottles and boxes are bar coded making Swig suitable for retail and hospitality.

Why Spring Water in Glass?

You will experience the ultimate soft smooth taste of Swig as it is bottled in glass which is chemically inert which means that the glass won’t react with other chemical elements ensuring that your Swig experiences and moments are always pure, soft and refreshing, just as nature intended them to be.

With the daily and ever growing anti-plastic sentiment, the Swig 440ml bottle challenges the current plastic bottle status quo by being the first Spring Mineral Water company in South Africa to offer a retail alternative to the 500ml plastic bottle which makes up 80% of all national sales or on average 18 million bottles a month.

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