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Solvey Dry Loos are compost loos that can be used anywhere, anytime, without the need for water. They don't smell, are easy to use, portable and most important, they are GREAT for the environment!

SAVE WATER: 9 litres of drinkable water go "down the toilet drain" every time you flush a water toilet. Save this water and rather use it for other more worth-while causes around your house. Compost loos use no water at all.

SAVE MONEY: Water costs money and saving water means saving money. Plus the compost you create replaces expensive commercial compost, fertilisers and pesticides while creating beautiful organic gardens and vegetables at the same time!

SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Reduce methane production in landfills, eliminate organic garbage and unnecessary sewage. Conventional toilets are a huge burden on our environment where safe drinking water is polluted and then sent back to treatment plants where energy and chemicals are used to make it safe for drinking once again. In many cases, sewage ends up polluting our beautiful rivers and oceans.​​

Visit to learn more or to get your unit at our showroom in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. For more info, feel free to call us on 063 484 7888 or email us at 

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