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Pumpkin Patch supplies the retail & hospitality industry with premium quality (processed & unprocessed) fruit and vegetable products. We take great care in sourcing only the highest quality produce from local farmers, so as to ensure that our wide range of products are always fresh, tasty and nutritious.

Our relationship with Nature

Taking into account the amount of plastic we consume in food manufacturing, and the amount of damage it wreaks upon our environment, we believe that it is of utmost importance that move towards a more responsible way of conducting our business.

We have been working closely with GREENDUSTRY TRUST to design convenience food packaging that is 100% biodegradable. After evaluating and experimenting with a number of packaging alernatives, we have found a material that allows us to drastically lower our usage of plastic (and carbon footprint) while still providing our customers with an affordable, premium quality product.

Our GREENDUSTRY plant-based bioplastic looks similar to petroleum based plastics, but are made from plants. These plant-based products are 100% compostable, and contribute to a more sustainable future for food packaging.

We are all highly reliant on nature's ability to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious produce. We believe that taking care of nature is the only way of ensuring that nature takes care of us in the years to come. Please support us in our efforts as we move towards a ZERO-plastic policy by 2020.

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