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NuLeaf Management & Projects is a company that is in the business of providing water conservation solutions. South Africa is a water stressed country, and the water resources are under tremendous pressure from a growing population, ongoing development, pollution, wetland destruction, alien invasive plants and the effects of global warming. 

The largest, least expensive and most environmentally sound source of water to meet our future demands or needs is the water currently being wasted in every sector of our economy. Cost effective water-saving efficient technologies will address water needs in the foreseeable future by reducing water wasting. Saving Water will save Money for water authorities, consumers and the government as a whole. Additional co-benefits will be decreased effluent charges and energy consumption. Reducing water consumption by adopting efficient ways of using the limited resource will reduce the urgency or capital spend on building new infrastructures (more dams or reservoirs) to increased address demand due to population growth and urban migration.  

Established in 2013, NuLeaf  a BEE Level 1 Company that provides its clients with water conservation solutions through the supply and installation of such gadgets as waterless urinals, one-touch taps, eco-shower units and water leak detection units among other water conservation solutions. 

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