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The World's First Flexible Stone Wall Cladding!

Utilizing a new patented technology, crushed clay stone is combined with inorganic materials to form a thin, lightweight, flexible stone surfacing product for walls and floors.

The elasticity of the material allows it to be formed in a variety of patterns and styles; from brick to slate and wood to leather. We offer a wide spectrum of styles and colours to meet your design and specification requirements.

The thin and lightweight nature of the product allows for easy transportation and installation.

All the characteristics that are inherent in stone (natural colour, durable, breathable, fire retardant, humidity control) are now available in a versatile non-fired, completely recyclable form!

Since ancient times, using clay for construction has proven to help regulate building’s temperature and humidity.

The product is made of modified clay material and stone powder that is environmentally safe, recyclable and fireproof.

​Our products are thin, lightweight, flexible, extremely durable, and very functional! They can be installed on new walls and floors, and are perfect for renovations of old surface coverings such as tiles and paints. Our products have a high degree of shock resistance and will not shatter.

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