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Montana Laundries provides hygienic laundry solutions and equipment specifically for the Healthcare, Hospitality, Mining and Industrial sectors. Through our vast industry experience, Montana offers on premise laundry solutions as well as the supply and maintenance of industrial laundry equipment.

For over 14 years Montana Laundries, has entrenched itself in industrial laundry with unprecedented success by providing on-site, eco-friendly laundry solutions that’s coupled with efficient maintenance. Montana Laundries offers long-term convenience, cost-effective services and raw dependability.

Our on-premise laundry offers you the benefits of total linen management and control on-site. We give you a high quality service at a low cost because there is no transportation of laundry, our imported equipment is supplied at cost, we have an in-house installation, commissioning and maintenance team and national chemical supply agreements. We give the highest quality laundry solution for your business at competitive rates.

The Distinctive Service Cycle

  • Installation and Maintenance of equipment of site
  • Total Linen Care Management
  • Ongoing site training
  • Adherence to laundry specifications
  • Regular site inspection consults and visits

We pride ourselves on exceptional service delivery and attention to detail- awarded Medi-Clinics Group’s supplier of the year in 2010.

Our onsite laundry and equipment solution includes mending of garments, garment rental, linen rental, boot cleaning, locker supply rental and upgrade, folding and packing laundry into lockers, change-house and office cleaning.

We are SANS 10146 and COHSASA compliant and are governed by the comprehensive Standards and Procedures manual covering all aspects of laundry service. We adhere to stringent standards and procedures, infection control protocols, machine operator training and quality and stock control to ensure an efficient and effective service of the highest standard.

Our Laundry Equipment Our state of the art, eco-friendly laundry equipment is designed to make your business more productive and cost-effective. Our Washers are fitted with a second drain valve for water recycling purposes and a third inlet valve to receive recycled rinse water. Our washers are fitted with an Opt load system which programmes your machine to alter water levels, time and amount of detergent. We aim to ensure that we save electricity by keeping KVA-peak demand and KW hour usage to a minimum. We partner with leading laundry equipment supplier brands such as Milnor and Primus to give you quality equipment without compromise. Montana Laundries is a convenient and dependable solution for all your on premise laundry requirements as well as the supply and maintenance of industrial laundry equipment. And, as a proud member of the Bidvest Laundry Group, we have the credentials and clout to deliver on our promises. We truly are your on-site and equipment solution.

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