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For over a century, Milliken & Company has worked to reduce its environmental impact and make positive contributions to the communities in which we do business. Now we do business all over the world, and our commitment is stronger than ever.

We call this holistic vision Milliken Eco360™ and it guides every opportunity, every decision, every partnership, every location and every Milliken Associate.

Milliken's dedication to excellence combined with respect for the Earth guides the manufacture of high performance products, steers decisions toward reduced impacts, and builds valuable relationships.

Milliken Eco360™ ensures Ecountability to the global community for our impact on the Earth. Manufacturing excellence includes our industry's only Cleaner and Greener® certification for innovative renewable energy and emissions reduction strategies. Milliken & Company manufacturing is certified carbon negative without purchased credits. All Milliken plants operate with a goal of zero waste to landfill with less than 0.3% landfills worldwide. The U.S. carpet division has maintained zero waste from manufacturing since 1999. All manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 14001.

All carpet products are carbon neutral and PVC-free. With the world's largest textile research facility, Milliken seeks innovative applications for green buildings to reduce waste, improve IAQ and ensure extended product life. We are a founding member of U.S. Green Building Council and support World Green Building Council activities.

Through conservation and efficiency, the Milliken floor covering division has reduced its global eco-footprint by 85% over 15 years. We seek renewable energy sources like harvested methane and hydroelectric power plants.

By developing less water intensive methods, Milliken reduced water consumption by approximately 50% during the same period.

Four decades of worldwide site-based environmental management system guarantee that we are beyond compliance in setting energy and water efficiency benchmarks at locations around the globe.

Milliken champions global footprint reduction daily as it continues another century of stewardship. We service all segments of the commercial carpet market, including Corporate, Education, Government, Healthcare, Senior Living, Retail, Aviation and Assembly. Other Milliken floor covering businesses service the Hospitality market, including hotels, restaurants and casinos and the Residential market, with area rugs, broadloom and carpet tile.

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