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Miko was founded in Belgium in 1801 by the Michielson family. Although our group is now listed on the Belgian Stock Exchange, Miko is still a family run business with strong family values.

Besides roasting and processing our coffee products, we also produce all our own top quality packaging and filter coffee systems in the factory in Turnhout.

In 1994 Miko entered the UK coffee market. Today we turnover in excess of 13 million pounds and are a leader in the coffee service industry in that country.
In 2004 a small distributorship was established in Pretoria, South Africa. During the first few months of 2006 a decision was taken to launch a more aggressive approach towards winning business in the South African coffee market. In the year since Miko Belgium and their local partner took over the distribution, we have more than quadrupled our client base in South Africa and added a full range of professional equipment to our portfolio.

So Our brand is relatively new in South Africa but our goal is to become the second coffee company in the country with national coverage by the end of 2008. Although we are still a small player in the market here we are part of a massive international group with a turnover in excess of 83 million Euros per year.

Other branches include England, Australia, The Netherlands, France, The Czech Republic, Greece, Korea, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and of course our head office in Belgium.

Total coffee solutions:

  • Coffee
  • Equipment
  • Technical Service
  • After Sales Support
  • Barista Training
  • Next Day Delivery Service
  • Number of Branches Nationwide

Our full range of products have proved extremely popular in Gauteng and especially in the Guest House and Lodge Industry in and around the Kruger Park. We specialise in supplying the tourism industry and also supply a large number of golf clubs, restaurants and offices.

In the UK, used by The Savoy Hotel, Unilever, Buckingham Palace, The House of Lords, Warner Music, Rules Restaurant, Northlink Ferries, Proctor & Gamble, Sony Music & The Mugg & Bean.

For Every Kilo of PURO sold, PURO gives - from its own margin - R15.00 to Fairtrade and R3.00 to the RAINFOREST FUND with the WORLD LAND TRUST. Every Kilo we sell saves an ACRE of rainforest and every cup our customer serves saves a tree. 1355 acres of rainforest saved so far.

Recognising that people are just one key part of the coffee trade, Puro has forged a partnership with the World Land Trust a UK based charity that purchase, lease and manage, for protection, threatened native forest with exceptional biodiversity.

We have already sponsored over 400 acres of rainforest. On top of the R15.00 per kg that goes towards paying higher wages to the workers on our coffee farms, we will also give R3.00 per kilo to sponsor and protect further acreage of the rainforests in South America.


The FAIRTRADE Mark is an independent consumer label which appears on products as an independent guarantee that disadvantaged producers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

Miko South Africas full range of equipment is available with PURO branding.

Our POINT-OF-SALE material includes stylish menus, table talkers, info packs and our PURO umbrellas ARE IN PRODUCTION.

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