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Global consumers are on the lookout for natural, healthy and or organic food products. Maungo Craft is a gourmet preserve company from Botswana started in February 2017. Since then Maungo Craft has won both Local and International Awards for our range of preserves (Including being Awarded a Gold for our Marmalades at The World Marmalade Awards 2018 (Commonwealth Category). 

We create ”sugar deprived” jams and marmalades using Botswana’s indigenous fruits like Morula, with a combination of imported fruits. Maungo Craft literally crafts one of a kind flavour profiles that can be found nowhere else. When it comes to our flavours our preserves are a lot more than just fruit and stuff.

Our Preserves include:

  • Smoked Mara Mara - Smoked Morula, Ginger and Chilli Preserve
  • Nana - Morula, Banana and Coconut Preserve
  • Kwii - Our Sugar Free Onion and Baobab Preserve
  • Child Of the Moon - Orange, Ginger, Liquorice and Wild Berry marmalade
  • Kalahari Sands - Gold, Grapefruit, Morula, Baobab marmalade with black pepper and exotic sugars in caramel

We like to think that we play and fuse our culture with more contemporary flavours. Our aim is to become the leading indigenous fruit preserves manufacturing company in Botswana and Africa as a whole. Maungo Craft does this by not only making jam or gourmet food, we put Botswana’s Culture in a Bottle. 

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