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In LFS we have the best technology in water saving in toilets, Mifem is a unique and sustainable product that helps significantly reduce the use of water in toilets like no other product in the world.

The biggest water consumption that exists is in the bathrooms and mainly in the toilets. With 3 to 5 daily discharges per person per day for liquid waste, multiplying it by 6 liters per discharge (average tank) are approximately 30 liters per day of water per person that are discarded only in toilets.

It is evident that direct action taken in these devices will have a decisive effect on the water saving of your company, therefore, in the cost.

Our water saving project can reduce the total consumption up to 88%, water will be used for solid discharges only.

In a context of water crisis, a potential reduction in operating costs of this magnitude should not be ignored by any company.

MIFEM is an unique product in the world, green, sustainable, that has all the environmental standards and criteria, as well as a current patent. Does not require any special installation or modification of the WC.

MIFEM is currently on its way to Cape Town, South Africa, where the Government of South Africa will make it mandatory for its more than 24,164 public buildings. It is world news that Cape Town is about to become the first mayor city in the world to run out of water, which is why MIFEM will help our brothers in South Africa with this problem.

We are a company located strategically in Hong Kong, which allows us to export to the whole world from our plant in Mainland China.

Life Future Sanitary through its innovative MIFEM and its partners guarantee a great water saving.

We are at your service and with pleasure we can make a presentation of our product, as well we´ll answer any question you may have about it.

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