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At Just Great Imports we specialize in sourcing and importing Quality Practical and Healthy House and Home products.

The Crystal Aire Purifier

The Crystal Aire Purifier assists in the elimination of bacteria, pet and tobacco odours and revitalises the air. It also prevents mould and fungi growth, removes pollen, dust from the air and reduces the effects of paint fumes. It works well for Adults and children for chest decongestion, is great for Asthmatics, helps with seasonal allergies, moistens the air and helps with dry coughs. It is ideal for homes, offices, medical rooms and hotels.

What Air Purifier's do!

The air inside the typical home or office space is generally dirtier than the air outside, because a house can be a source of air contaminants. Moisture can lead to the development of mould and mould spores. Forced-air heating and cooling systems circulate dust particles and bacteria throughout the house. Pets shed fur and give off dander, while smokers pump toxins into the air. Pollen and other outdoor allergens can blow in through open doors and windows (or through a window or door screen) and become caught in carpet or upholstery. The end result is that the average house tends to concentrate contaminants in greater quantities than the outdoors. This concentration isn't usually too harmful for a healthy person, but children and people with allergies and respiratory difficulties can experience ill effects. Reducing the level of contaminants can help alleviate some of these problems.

Purifier Concentrates - a perfect complement to your Crystal-Aire Purifier

They are made from natural plant, herb or spice extracts, fragrances or pure essential oils. In addition they contain Microbeshield which kills disease-causing bacteria. The Concentrates effectively control odours and improves air hygiene. In so doing they assist the Purifier in cleaning the air.  Most importantly, they are water-based / water-soluble and it is for this reason that they can SAFELY be used in the Purifiers.

The following range of Solenco products are also available:

To view more Solenco products visit their website: www.solencosa.co.za

Cool Mist Humidifier

The Solenco PCMH45 Evaporative Humidifier was designed to improve human comfort and prevent damage to objects by releasing fresh, cool air with added moisture. Wooden furniture and instruments and works of art will benefit from controlled humidity levels, as overly dry air can cause cracking. Properly humidified air also benefits human health by moisturizing skin and respiratory passages.

Diana and Helios Patio Heaters

Carbon fibre (Far Infrared) heating elements which significantly reduces running costs by up to 90% and realistically cuts carbon emissions by more than 95% compared with gas patio heaters. The heater offer more focused heat, heating people rather than the air. There is instant heat when the unit is switched on.

Three Speed Snail Fan

The Solenco three speed snail fan is an air mover which provides proper ventilation for quicker drying times. Applications would include commercial carpet cleaning, the drying of tiled and wooden floors and for the use in flood and fire restoration.

Technical information for the products above is available from Solenco’s website.

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