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iXi Water brings you a Premium Drinking Water which is Ozone Free, Alkaline and Mineralised with select natural rock for a great thirst quenching water.

iXi Water was founded in 2015, with a single goal: to make a superior quality drinking water and get it to the end user in the most economical and effective way. While drinking water quality is declining world-wide, causing long-term loss of health to countless people, we just had to get involved to help improve the situation. We are making every effort to develop new and valuable solutions that will take the drinking water industry to the next level.

The drinking water trade is already over-supplied in the main channels (retail, hospitality, catering and appliances). However, there is huge opportunity for innovative, water efficient and energy efficient products and services. Furthermore, drinking water quality in the trade generally leaves a lot to be desired. Our understanding of water chemistry, together with our experience in innovation and engineering, led to several breakthroughs in drinking water preparation and delivery. This makes iXi water different, unique, and lovely to drink.

Our ultimate aim is to make a significant contribution towards improving people’s long-term health.

iXi Water is based in Pretoria, South Africa and currently operates in the Gauteng province and surroundings.

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