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Himalayan Crystal Salt is a healthy alternative to ordinary table salt. It is a natural substance which has formed in the Himalayan region over millions of years. Analysis shows that Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 trace elements and essential minerals making this salt an ideal substance to enhance the health of the human system and assist the body to function at its optimum. The minerals help to alkanalize the body's pH, and to balance and maintain the electrolytes, helping to maintain a healthy immune system.

People are often told to use less salt or avoid it altogether, yet our bodies are made of a 70% water and salt solution. The balance of water and salts in our bodies needs to be maintained to ensure optimal and healthy functioning. One of the ways of restoring this balance naturally is by using Himalayan Crystal Salt as it provides the minerals in balanced proportion for absorption by the body thereby enhancing the functioning of the internal organs and maintaining the electrolyte balance within and between the cells. Universal Vision Organics sources and supplies Himalayan Crystal Salt Products. The company was started in 2004 by Anthony Posemann after he realised the health benefits and healing potential of these products. Anthony's asthma has cleared since becoming involved with the Himalayan Crystal Salt and Lamps.

Having visited the source of the Himalayan Crystal Salt, Anthony was inspired to learn more about the healing potential of the salt and the health benefits it offers us. It is the aim of Universal Vision Organics to provide the highest quality salt products offering health and healing benefits, assisting people to attain and maintain optimal functioning and restore balance naturally.

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