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The swing to eco pens and other eco-friendly products is growing momentum!

Green Stationery is the first stationery supply company in South Africa to specialise in eco-friendly stationery including eco pens and pencils, eco notebooks and eco conference pads. Our product range has been carefully selected to help you replace current, often environmentally unfriendly, stationery items at about the same levels of price. Our products have also undergone a series of quality & safety tests according to Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, so our stationery is safe for your health & the environment.

By using our eco pens and other eco-products you can, at no extra cost, easily demonstrate to your customers and staff that you are part of this swing to caring for our planet. Research has shown that companies showing their  green attitudes are more favourably viewed by customers. Our services include company branding to get your message across.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Respect OUR planet without increasing YOUR costs.

Do YOUR part by simply switching over to eco pens – a small change with a BIG impact!

We can also supply alcohol-free sanitisers - 99.999% kill rate & biodegradable. Certification can be produced if required.

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