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The first stationery supply company in South Africa to specialise in eco-friendly stationery.

Learn more about what you can do for the planet through recycle/reuse/reduce and respect. Without increasing your costs. Our product range has been carefully selected to help you replace current, often environmentally unfriendly, stationery items at about the same levels of price. Green Stationery supply a number of hotels. Our products undergo a series of quality & safety tests according to Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, including tests for lead & other heavy metals, so our stationery is safe for your health & the environment.

We also supply Paper straws, which are available in a variety of colours and designs. Sizes: 6 mm diameter for cold drinks, 8 mm for smoothies/milkshakes. Can be left in liquid for an hour without becoming soggy. Most major hospitality chains are changing to paper from plastic.


  • 100% natural cotton/recycled cardboard card holder, does not have to be plain white.
  • No plastic or polyester or metal used.
  • 100% local.
  • Supplied as per sample - all the venue has to do is produce a name card (or use the visitor’s business card) and let him/her insert it into the card holder slots.
  • Flexible - we can produce the holders to any size. Printing on lanyard and/or card available at extra cost.

Green Stationery has a range of enzyme based eco-friendly, alcohol-free sanitising and cleaning products available. Not only do these products work - 99.999% kill rate, but they bio-degrade to carbon dioxide and water. Certification can be produced if required.

Now available - Eco-pencils, made from recycled newspaper, HB lead. Made in Southern Africa, not China!

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