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Operating from Cape Town, Global Worming is the supplier of worm farms, composting worms, worm castings, worm tea and bokashi throughout South Africa. You too can make a difference to our environment by using vermiculture to convert all kinds of organic waste to nutrient rich organic fertilizers. We make and sell a range of competitively priced locally produced domestic and industrial sized Worm bins, worm farms and organic fertilizers.

Global Worming has a variety of different worm farms to meet each and everyone’s worming needs from household to Business needs. In our changing environment we should all try and recycle our organic waste and it is fantastic to see how businesses, restaurants, schools are starting to recycle organic waste while turning their waste into rich fertilizer. Worm farming is a win-win situation for all.

Today we have the largest locally produced variety of domestic and industrial sized worm farms in South Africa. All products can be adapted to suit each and every clients personal needs. All worm farms are easy to set up and easy to maintain and we are also there to assist you where we can with either a phone call or email.

Global Worming is has developed and launched a Local is Lekker Worm Farm, called the Worm Oasis, produced in South Africa that is UV resistant, has a solid lid, specially designed stand with built in tap with working trays that solid.  This worm farm will give the worms the best home in South Africa.

Please note that our worm farms and worms can be hand couriered anywhere in South Africa.  It is time to stop talking about how or what can we do to recycle our waste - recycling your organic waste using a worm farm is the easiest way to get rid of your wet waste while creating rich compost for your garden or worm tea for your flowers and herbs.  This is a win-win situation.

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