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GENSET & SOLAR Power Solutions will find the best solution for you.

Genset & Solar Power Solutions will design, supply and install an off-grid, grid-tie or grid interactive system to suite your needs.  PV Solar systems are upgradeable and additional panels can be added to the system as and when required.

  • Photo-Voltaic = Photo – light and voltaic- electricity (Converting sunlight into electricity.)  PV Solar Power is now very affordable for domestic, commercial and industrial use.   
  • Cut your electricity bill.  With Solar PV your electricity bill is fixed for the next 40 years. An integrated system allows for use of solar power, battery back-up and municipal/Eskom power. PV back-up systems offer so much more as they work for you all the time, even when municipal power is present by “pushing the grid back”
  • With PV Solar Systems there is no noise and no emissions. PV Systems can be fitted at any stage; to both new and existing circuitries.   Solar power Solutions are personalized. Solar PV can be fitted onto various surfaces and pitches (roof, façade, mobile units etc.) so use us now to reduce your carbon footprint.   PV is safe and reliable and at Genset & Solar Power Solutions we only use the highest quality of products to design optimum systems. PV solar power is renewable and sustainable energy for a brighter future.
  • Generators can provide prime or back-up power: stand alone or integrated into PV Solar Systems and municipal grids.

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