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GardenResQ is proud to be involved with the current water saving drive that reduces the wastage of water and thereby helps save a valuable resource - potable water. This initiative has far reaching implications and could, with the correct emphasis, be one of the mechanisms that offer us all a bit more time. Climatologists predict a serious shortage of water in the Southern Hemisphere in the years to come.
The potential problems relating to South Africa's inconsistent rainfall has been a discussion topic on National and Local Government's agenda for many years. This growing concern resulted in the implementation of fairly harsh water restrictions in the Western Cape during 2004 and 2005. National statistics and dam levels highlighted the need to further reduce potable water consumption and more drastic measures were put in place in January 2006. These measures were aimed at further reducing the consumption of potable water by 20% in the Western Cape. The Garden Res-Q unit is fabricated from robust material that has been designed to withstand the harsh South African climate. The products and material we have used in the unit will help ensure that your GardenResQ system will provide you with many years of trouble free service if installed and maintained correctly. Please note that the unit is only splash proof and therefore every effort should be made to protect the unit from excess water whether from rain or ground seepage

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