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FibreGrip Non-Slip Products was designed and developed by Don Vos, owner of Davtec. Originally the FibreGrip Anti-Slip products consisted from non-slip FibreGrip stair nosing, stair treads and flat sheets and strips. This is still manufactured by Davtec with the option of a fine and a rough grit. The FibreGrip, fibreglass units are available in standard black. However it can be manufactured in any color by changing the pigment to a selected color.

The introduction of LumiGlo photo luminescent tape, the units can be now be installed in areas where there is low visibility. Especially during dark hours or in the case of power failures. This however is only possible if a sufficient light source i.e. sunlight, incandescent light or florescent light etc, have been charging the LumiGlo tape for a reasonable amount of time. (30 minutes of sunlight equates to a full charge).

Davtec added a range of non-slip tapes with a peel and stick backing for easy installation. The FibreGrip Safety Traction Tape (STT) is available in black and chevron (black/yellow). A further range of Aluminum Stair Edging was added. This was to cater for mainly the corporate, commercial environment where ant-slip properties as well as aesthetics are of importance. The FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edging is available in a single unit with one non-slip insert, and a double unit with two non-slip inserts. The LumiGlo tape can be added to both aluminium stair edgings.

The latest addition added to our product range is RefGlo. A reflective tape that will reflect when a light source is directed towards it. RefGlo can be incorporated in the FibreGrip fibreglass range as well as the FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edge products. We offer free quotations and free technical advice. Davtec have supplied and installed from as little as 1 meter  to more than 1700 meters  in one application. No job is to small or to big for Davtec, manufacturers of FibreGrip Anti-Skid products.

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