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Fever Tree Fly and Mosquito repellent.  


Fever-Tree offers everyone a pleasant and non-toxic experience while effectively repelling flies and mosquitoes, creating a clear path to safe natural alternatives.

  •  Natural fly and mosquito repellent
  •  2 x more effective than Citronella (SABS tested)
  •  Non- toxic, safe to use
  •  Pleasantly fragranced
  •  Elegant design 

Rated the no.1 natural fly and mosquito repellent formula.

NATURAL FRAGRANCED CANDLES - keep the flies away from food

This fantastic product is the world's most effective fly and mosquito repellent candle. SABS tested fornulation & 2x more effective than citronella. The Fever-Tree candle offers you the best of both worlds —a delightful fragrance with fly and mosquito repellency. Perfect for in- and outdoor use. (Aloe, Berrie, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Herbal)

NATURAL LIQUID VAPORISING UNIT - no more chemicals, keep the mosquitoes away

This stand-alone liquid vaporising unit comes standard with a 1.2m retractable cord, a power switch and an indicator light. It can be placed on any flat surface. Offer includes Fever-Tree's liquid refills with SABS tested formulation. The best natural non-toxic fly and mosquito repellent plug-in. Each refill lasts for 7 days X 24 hour

ELEGANT ELECTRIC CERAMIC VAPORISER - support your interior design while repelling flies and mosquitoes

Our stylish and elegant insect repelling ceramic vaporiser is the newest addition to our range. Original artwork by Sharon Leilani Boonzaier.   BONUS: Works with Fever-Tree's liquid refills with SABS tested formulation.  The world's most effective natural non-toxic fly and mosquito repellent.  Different designs available.

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