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Energy efficiency is an international priority and critical to the immediate prosperity of the South African economy.

Enervision seeks to establish itself as the leader in the provision of effective alternate energy solutions comprising of:

  • Vision Solar Water Heaters or Vision Solar Geysers
  • Vision Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries including standby batteries and backup batteries
  • Vision Photovoltaic solar panels for on grid and off grid applications
  • Vision Solar Charge Regulators
  • Vision Sine Wave Inverters
  • Vision Mains Powered Chargers
  • Vision Back-up Power Systems
  • Vision Energy Efficient Lighting in the form of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s)
  • Vision Standby Generator Systems with and without Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Our vision is to engineer holistic cost effective alternate energy solutions appropriate to the differing “green”, environmental and carbon footprint needs of our customers. To achieve this vision we will provide innovative technologies allied to developing and enhancing skills to optimise the cost effectiveness and energy efficiencies realised by our customers in meeting their renewable and/or sustainable energy needs.

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