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Our Mission is to :

  • Conserve non-renewable energy sources.

  • Accelerate energy efficiency interventions in commercial properties.

  • Relieve pressure on electricity providers.

  • Restrict business overhead growth.

By being the leading South African provider of Project Administration and Finance for efficient lighting technology retrofits in South Africa.

Our Goal is to provide a value-added service to clients enabling immediate implementation of lighting energy efficient projects, incorporating all the administrave functions and an equitable finance vehicle, with the majority of the benefits accruing to the client. Our target markets are :

  • All commercial and industrial buildings encompassing both common areas and tenanted space.

  • Energy efficiency projects that are already specified and are awaiting capital spending approval or new financial years.

  • Product and service providers who need to equip clients with a finance option.

  • Clients or product providers who find difficulty in negotiating the ESKOM process for benefits.

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