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Elnino Technologies CC was started in 2007 with the intention of finding cost effective ways to heat up water for RDP houses. After thorough research, home made solar systems, and many experiments, a solution was found and implemented.

A need was found in the high pressure domestic solar geyser market and thus followed a search for quality systems. In April of 2010 Elnino Solar CC was formed to mainly focus on the domestic and industrial market for solar and heat pump water heating.

As heat pumps became more popular and Eskom incentives on heat pumps came into play Elnino entered the heat pump market with great success and after various tests and investigations they sourced the best quality heat pumps.

Elnino also started their own plumbing shop on their premises to mainly supply the solar and heat pump industry.

After being an installation company for 4 years Elnino put their own systems through SABS and is now a supplier of quality energy saving hot water heating equipment.

Elnino also saw a need in the plumbing accessories market for the solar and heat pump industry and started a plumbing shop to supply all the plumbing requirements for complete installations on solar geysers and heat pumps.

Most of us in South Africa get our power from Eskom, this makes us dependent on their supply of power. Eskom has to increase its rate per KWh in order to keep up with the growing demand of our need for electricity. This increase can make a significant change in your monthly expenses, and at the moment, the yearly increase is more than inflation, making it more and more expensive each year.

On average the highest consumer of electricity is the geyser. If you are looking at saving on your electricity bill or thinking of becoming independent of Eskom, this will be the logical place to start.

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