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Dremacelsius Group South Africa is a leading Pan-African investment holding company based in Johannesburg South Africa. We have operating divisions; dream Agriculture division a dedicated supplier of frozen fruits, vegetables and concentrates juice to the South African industrial market and export to European contries.

Over the years our product range has increased and the quality is on the international standards as our fruit suppliers are selected carefully with Global Gap Certification or the have a registered export packhouse status is our minimum requirement. All fruits supplied by Dreamcelsius Group are sampled and tested for complience prior to processing. This allow us to have high quality fruit for production and we have vast range of product we are offering;

  • Concentrates and pulps
    Raw material, including Valencia, Navel Orange juice concentrate, Naartjie juice concentrate, Apple juice concentrate, Mango juice concentrate and Pulp, Guava pulp, Grape Fruit and Lemon juice concentrate.
  • Class
    Juice products are offered frozen, asceptically packed or chemically preserved.
  • Blended products
    Formulated fruit juice cncentrates i.e. blended fruit juice with no added sugar or sweetners, Sweetened nectars, Sweetened drinks containing a minimum of 6% fruit juice and dairy blends.

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