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Cardboard World is a new & innovative company that makes and markets cardboard furniture, and will eventually market other household and office products, all entirely made out of natural fiber, 100% biodegradable, compostable packaging cardboard.


  • Our chairs are designed to support approximately 200 KGs
  • Our chairs should last for a year or more if looked after properly.
  • Our chairs can be used outdoors - and if it starts to storm, you can fold it and pack it away in less than a minute.
  • Our chairs are mobile - we have carefully designed our chair to fold neatly and transform into a rectangular briefcase style box for easy carrying to and from any destination.
  • We can put your company’s branding on our chairs.

We have begun with cardboard chairs, but intend to branch out into many other cardboard products. Products such as tables, book-shelves, toys, funky storage boxes, CD Holders, clocks and a myriad of other creative home & office products are currently in the design pipeline.

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